Terms and Conditions

The WHUB SUMMIT AUTUMN 2020 is organized by MB “Kuriančios
moterys” with the legal entity code: 304944605 and the legal office in Vilnius,
Gerovės g. 57-5.

By purchasing the ticket to
the WHUB SUMMIT AUTUMN 2020, you agree to comply with and be
bound by these terms and conditions. You agree to be fully responsible for all
claims, liability, damages, losses, costs and expenses, including legal fees,
suffered by us, which arises out of the breach of these terms and conditions by

The information on this
website and in event-related materials is correct at the time of providing,
however, the organizer reserves the right to change the information as well as
the terms and conditions where necessary without notice. Any changes made will
be posted on the 
event website.

Organizer will make sure the precision of all information, however, no
guarantees can be made in relation to its accuracy.

1.     TICKETS

Tickets are non-refundable, unless the event is fully cancelled. In
which case, a 100% refund of the ticket fee will be granted. If the
networking event at the Hotel PACAI is cancelled, the ticket owner will be
refunded the amount that is the difference between the price of the ticket
bought and the ticket price (at the time when the ticket was bought) without
the access to the networking event.

All types of tickets grant access to all virtual events of the WHUB
SUMMIT AUTUMN 2020 and their recordings to one person only (the ticket that
includes networking evening at the Hotel PACAI grants access to the event to
one person only too). By purchasing the ticket, you agree not to share the
access code or any other details sent to you with anyone else, as well as not
to broadcast the events to others.

Recordings will be accessible to watch 30 days after the conference

You agree not to resell the ticket. Doing so will result in the ticket
being cancelled.

1.5.           Tickets cannot be in any other way transferred to a third party.
However, you are allowed to change the name of your ticket by contacting 

MB “Kuriančios moterys” reserves the right to reject attendance of
those, who may have conflicting interests, pitch businesses towards any
attendees, or who is believed to be a competitor.

Login details to the virtual events will be sent every morning (Oct 5–9) to the email address
provided once buying the ticket.


MB “Kuriančios moterys” holds no liability for any loss (except the
ticket fee refund) resulting from cancellation of the WHUB SUMMIT AUTUMN 2020 due to fortuitous
event, unforeseen occurrence or any other unplanned circumstance.

3.     PROGRAM

WHUB SUMMIT AUTUMN 2020 events will be held in either Lithuanian or
English language. Please refer to the agenda on the
event website for more details.

The organizer is granted the right to alter the number of events, their
time, list of speakers and topics before and during the WHUB SUMMIT AUTUMN 2020Any amendments made
will be updated on the
event website as soon as possible.


All the content provided in the WHUB SUMMIT AUTUMN 2020 events
belongs to the organizer and speakers. None intellectual property rights are
transferred with the purchase of a ticket to the ticket owner. You agree that
all copyright, trademarks and other intellectual property rights contained in
all material provided in the event, will remain owned by the organizer and

Virtual event attendees are strictly forbidden to make any types of
recordings of every conference event.

The event organizer will be recording all virtual events and collect personal
information of attendees, such as image, name, surname and other information
that is available on the Zoom Platform. All this information can be shared on
the organizer’s social media channels, website, as well as shared with other
attendees and third parties.

4.4. Networking event will be photographed and by coming to the event, you give direct consent to the event organizer the right to take photos, as well as the exclusive right to use this material at the discretion of the organizer.

The organizer has the right to process photos and (or) videos with your image for 3 years or until your consent to use your image is revoked.

The ticket holder has, to the best of their ability, ensure that they
are able to access the live broadcast via Zoom Platform.

Owing to the nature of live virtual events, MB “Kuriančios moterys’’
cannot be held responsible for any broadcast access issues, including, but not
limited to: IT issues, Internet, or Wi-fi connection issues, that ticket
holders may experience before, during or after the live broadcast.

MB “Kuriančios moterys” will not be able to offer any technical support
relating to any broadcast access, IT, Internet or Wi-fi issues during, or after
the live broadcast.

4.8.          By purchasing the ticket and participating in the event, any company,
organisation or attendee is not granted the right to organise events in any
form related to the WHUB SUMMIT AUTUMN 2020 without
MB “Kuriančios moterys” explicit consent. In the event of a breach, MB
“Kuriančios moterys” reserves the right to take legal action.


MB “Kuriančios moterys” will use your details to provide you with the access
to the online events and other relevant event related information.

Information provided during registration and ticket purchase process
might be used for direct marketing purposes. You can cancel the subscription of
the newsletter at any time by choosing the “unsubscribe’’ button or replying to
our email that you would like to stop receiving information.

Event attendee has the right to familiarize themselves with their
personal data and to not consent to the processing of their personal data for
direct marketing purposes, without stating the reasons for this disagreement.
The attendee has the right to request in writing to correct incomplete,
incorrect or inaccurate personal data.

All your personal data is processed in accordance with our Privacy Policy.


All disputes arising in relation to these terms and conditions will be
attempted to be resolved through friendly negotiations. If unsuccessful within
30 days, the dispute will be resolved in accordance with the law of the
Republic of Lithuania and the procedures established by legal acts.


If any clause of these terms and conditions will be held invalid or unenforceable
for any reason, the remaining clauses will remain valid and enforceable.


Our community is driven by
shared values and interests, therefore we aim that every attendee has a positive
experience and ask you to contribute to it by abiding to the code of conduct.

We aim to create
harassment-free and inclusive environment, therefore we expect you to refrain
from any discriminatory or harassing behaviour. We will not tolerate unacceptable
behavior and may take actions, including warning or expulsion from the event.


For more information and
any questions please contact MB “Kuriančios moterys” via email 
info@the-whub.com or telephone number +37061696660.

Last updated: 2020 10 07